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A Boomerang
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A Boomerang

Poem By J Sheba Anandhi

Life isn't always like a boomerang,
Whatever you give will not always come back,
At times life is like a boomerang,
When you least anticipate it, it may come back,
Even if it takes a while or a lifetime to get back,
The good and bad comes back
When it is time for the payback.

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Comments (16)

A philosophical thought beautifully explained. Thanks, J Sheba.
Yes, indeed. No one can play hide and seek with nature. In this business, nature spares none. Very thoughtfully crafted million dollar poem has earned well deserving position. Thanks for sharing. X
Nature returns our deeds and misdeeds but it takes time to calculate the balance of deeds and misdeeds. It returns the balance only. Sometimes we see a credit balance (with profits) and sometimes a debit balance (with interests) in our bank statement. A thoughtful poem and a well deserved selection as members' poem.
Wise words expressed. Life is about hope, waiting, accepting and giving. Thank You
That is indeed how it seems to work. Peace!