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A Boozer's Blunder(1) (A Powerful Solvent Destroys Everything)

I have a very bad mood,
After seeing a patient on the booze,
To alcohol, everything he has to lose.
His reputation, career and wealth,
Also his dignity, friends and worst of all....health.
Brandy, whisky and beer are powerful solvents,
They will put him under the influence,
His mind would be out of control and violent,
Once drunken, he is not himself, never be the same,
Acting like a man who is insane,
Alcohol causes the heart grow bigger and bigger called cardiomegaly.
Which pumps very poorly and feebly.
It causes the liver shrink,
So life is put on the brink.
The damage is so severe with its dread,
So life is like hanging by a thread.
Fluid and toxin can't pass through,
Even a doctor has nothing he can do.
The toxins piles up in the blood,
Like a blocked sewage, the filthy water floods.
The alcohol destroys the organs on the way to the brain,
Like the strong torrent rushing down the mountain.
On the brain it causes death of cells,
Making them think and act unwell.
Resulting in dementia and mania,
Until the day he expires.
Happiness is fake and transient,
Damage done is permanent.
His family has to suffer,
Due to a boozer's blunder.

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Your poem hits the problem of those who abuse alcohol. Well-done and thought provoking. L&T
Yes, I agree...and I write about it also; 'Living With An Alcoholic'...thank you and keep writing.....