(10/02/1960 / Haiti)

A Bouquet Of Kisses For Your Birthday Today

Today is blessed; the sun is shining for your birthday.
The sky appears bright, blue, white and very happy.
This is spectacular! The birds are enjoying this heavenly day.

I feel elated, and my heart is cool and dandy.
I want to offer you a bouquet of sweet kisses
To honor you; I want to ornate you with red lilies.

The roses of my heart are elegant and pretty;
They are attractive and lovely like your smile.
We cannot live without love, without style.

Accept my exotic flowers and my bouquet of kisses.
Let me kiss you again. Come enjoy and read again
The poems that grew from my romantic garden.

I wish you a blessed journey. I love you and embrace you.
Dream with me. The moon is perfect; the sky is bright and blue.

by Hebert Logerie

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