A Bowl Of Gathered Thoughts

Here Mom
Throw your childhood stories in this wide bowl
Fill it up with your Haitian history
I know Grandma is not here anymore
But I can still taste her pineapple kisses tattooed on your cheeks
When I rub your face you laugh just like her
You add baking powder to elevate this family’s heart
With your legacy for many generations to appreciate
What you were all about
The pain and sorrow you encountered
Are now long forgotten but we can still mix a pinch of salt
As a reminder with cherry kisses
And mix lots of sugar in this bowl since Papa walked away
You never even bothered to say where
I don’t really care for the truth is…
Your love is plenty and thickens this dough
Filling up this bowl that you flavored with your mature essence
Creating for ourselves a rich and delicious upside down cake


by Face Butter

Comments (1)

10X10 from me Face you have captured the essence of keeping our traditions alive as families and a people. The best one I have read yet. I relate perfectly it is one of my favs. Peter