A Boy

All Thats Left Was The Sex
Its The Only Memories I Have Of You
There Was No More Love
Just The Sex
I Let You Make Me Believe
Now I Cant Respect Myself The Same
All Because OF You
Even Thpugh Im Worth More Than that
I Wish I Could Of Stayed Clothed
But Instead I Let It Happen Anyway
No Good Memories
Just That You Wanted The Sex
Leading Myself To Believe It Aint Wrong
Now I Feel Like A Whore
Even Though I Only Did One Boy
Abstinence Is The Key
I Wish I Could OF Kept It That Way
But Now I Am
I Have Changed My Life Around
You Have Taught Me What to Avoid
You Have Taught Me What To Look Out For
But To Me
You Are Still A Boy

by Ashlee Pasowicz

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