I Wonder If

I Wonder If my eyes will heal,
I Wonder If my heart may feel,
I Wonder If the wolf ere moans,
While it wanders cold and lone.

I Wonder If the sky may fall,
I Wonder If my voice may call,
A being who might hear my heart,
I Wonder If true loves can part.

I Wonder If I'll find the One,
I Wonder If Earth's end will come,
I Wonder If a blanket's grace,
Will hide me from a demon's gaze.

I Wonder If you'll plainly see,
This poem is not meant simply for me,
This poem is for those minds of thought,
'I Wonder If' s their tongues will wrought.

by Emmie Louiese Pope

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i think i'll use this in my March 2019 showcase of PH poems, to be found, upcoming, in my list of PH poems. Thanks. :) bri
oh yeah. to MyPoemList it goes! bri :)
from the boy with a pounding heart. .................. THESE are my favorite lines. the poem reminds me of my youth and encounters with frogs and snakes. have YOU ever had a snake POOP on YOU? ? i did. yuck; stinky! a true story, i believe. anyone you know? i mean the boy? or are you 'the boy'? i 'love' the whole poem, but especially the second and third stanzas. great rhyming. you say a LOT in a 'few' words. thanks for sharing. bri :)
very good write, thanks.