JP ( / Canada)

A Boy And A Man On A Bus One Sunny Morn

Innocence such an honesty
Young boy older lad
A contrast on that day.
Who to believe? The young or the old?
Truth and innocence each had a hold.

'Are you hurt? ' the young one said.
'I'm okay, ' replied the old.
'Be careful! ' the older one added.
'You too! ' came the young one's words.
Truth and innocence? Which one to behold.

A conversation inspired by a man's wound
Legs on a cast, the younger one enfolds,
And thus an honest - sympathy unfolds...
A kid of three says...
'Bye you take care now! ' Bus stops.
'And you too! ' An honest smile.
Two strangers on a bus one bright sunny morn
A smile passed on - the riders enjoyed.

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Nicely done, a wonderful twisting of contrasts, making us think.