A Boy Is Born

The first three months are full of excitement and fear,
the next have weight gain and loss of career.
The final of these beautiful months of nine,
is waiting, waiting for your moment to shine.

Then that moment comes and your blood seems to stop,
you are rushed to hospital from home or shop.
Now, unable to wait for the first sight of your child,
you go through the treacherous hours of labor, strong or mild.

The first moment your hand touches your babies’ soft skin,
you recognize them, their face, their smile, their grin.
When the first breaths of their life have been drawn,
that is the time you realize “I’ve created this new born”.

Ten years have passed and now it is my recollection,
of the moment we met and our instant connection.

When I was born and first felt your grasp,
I didn’t cry, whine, scream or gasp.
I simply looked into your eyes and you into mine,
then across my face split a beautifully curved line.

My heart filled with happiness, a lot of it too,
my first ever smile was given to you.
A smile wasn’t the only thing I gave you that day,
I gave you my love as I looked up and lay.

My love for you will carry on throughout my life,
when I am happy, sad, angry or in strife.
I know for a fact that we will be there for each other,
as you are definitely, the most wonderful mother.

by Maximilian Bilian Jackson

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You didnt make this up! you copied it from your 12 year old female cousin who shares a bedroom with you. you cheat. but i must say... its a good poem.