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A Boyfriend And Girlfriend
DC ( / The big spinning rock)

A Boyfriend And Girlfriend

Poem By Dismembered Car

A boyfriend with time
A girlfriend with none
A boyfriend who's always got her on his mind
A girlfriend who never realized she had a boyfriend
A boyfriend who can't seem to understand why
A girlfriend who doesn't want to
A boyfriend that wants it to work
A girlfriend who doesn't care
A boyfriend with love
A girlfriend who's clueless

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Comments (3)

thats very sad, but theres other fish in the sea....i hate it when people tell me that, so whyd i tell that to you? hm...thats a question that haunts me...anywho...sorry bout that..excellent poem. its so sad but it rocks. keep it up.
That sounds kind of scary if he cannot take a hint. Do not be suckered into a mercy relationship. It sounds like the girl is already busy and does not even like this guy. Tell him to take a hike to greener pastures. Good poem.
Seems as if you are writing about a friend of yours... and he is in one hell of a pickle!