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A Brave Soldier
RF Rachel Fogle (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

A Brave Soldier

In his heart he holds courage,
In his hands he holds our lives.
A Brave Soldier he may be, but only at the the front lines.
He is weaken by all the death,
He is haulted by there souls.
For he knows in this battle, hatred rules one's goal.
He does not fight for hatred,
He fights for there lives instead.
Cause he knows hatred has no value, when so many are dead.

As he lays in death, knowing it will come,
He glances at the sky and makes peace with all he's done.
For on the battlefield, life is as precious as gold.
And one must always choose should it be friend or foe?
He closes his eyes and hopes in his death no more victums will fall.
But, in his heart he knows his country one day will call.
For A Brave Soldier to take the front line and give there his life as he,
He just hopes all are content knowing A Brave Soldier he will always be.

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