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A Brawl Between Friends

Two fierce looking men stood
Under a huge silk cotton tree
The sun outside here scorching
Like a furnace.
They took refuge here
Between its oblong and twisting toes
For a violent bout of a quarrel
Up the tree squeaking squirrels
Frolick in laughter and taunt.

I moved toward the silent tree
Sat on a winding toe thinning into the thicket
One of them in a violent gesture of hands
Perfect his question' who told you the land
Is the heritage of your filial generation'?

When I heard the violent brawl was about land
Pity left me like a feather in the wind
The large expanse sought for
Only six feet is our final home
Breathless and unable to ask for more
As the final journey is made
Resting on a shroud.

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