DLK (Dec.1948 / Lake Forest, Illinois)

A Breeze Came In

To those who sit, lonely in a window, and stare into the night.

A breeze came in, so silent and free,
Through the window, and on past me,
It shared its fresh, and pleasant smell,
As if it came, from a cool clear well.

And as it lingered, and rested here,
I enjoyed its presence, with such good cheer,
It raised my spirits, and soothed my soul,
Enticing my conscience, not demanding a toll.

And when it was done, it went its own way,
It came for a while, not long did it stay,
And now that its gone, I think upon,
The journey I knew, it had to go on.

That breeze went through, another window,
Soft and cool, that breeze did blow
Cooling as it passed, so silent and free,
Providing for another, as it did for me.

(1985 Fort Ord, CA Snr. Enl. Bach. Quarters)

by Daniel Lloyd Kennedy

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daniel my brother you are the star in face of the sky I love you always your little brother