(8-2-1945 / Gorakhpur)

A Bribe Of Nature

When the eyes talk and lips are sealed,
When your hand is in my hand,
And we walk together,
In a moonlit night,
On the lonely paths,
And the moon points out,
To the shy stars,
How close are we!
And he asks the stars,
Are they two?
Or in fact they are one!
And the bright star,
Smiles and says,
They were one,
And separated to feel,
The pain of parting,
And the joy once again,
In the re-uniting,
Just to learn the worth,
Of blended love,
In a life together,
And to pay their thanks,
To their creator.

And not to complain,
A life so bitter,
Full of troubles,
Wars and hates,
Disabled children,
And the women carrying,
Unwanted children,
Being raped by soldiers,
The victorious soldiers,
Who took their revenge!
From the girls under teens,
After last world war,
They were working in the fields,
Not a part of war,
In china and Japan,
And the soldiers claimed,
Being citizens of a nation,
Highly civilized,
And nicely cultured,
They fought for an ideal,
Freedom and democracy!

And they still claim,
They are fighting once again,
For the same ideal,
May I know?
Whereat you are planning,
To rape the girls which are under thirteen?
Is it Gaza or somewhere else?
God was silent,
During wars last fought,
And I assure you, sir,
He will remain silent.

And the clouds play a game,
Of hide and seek,
Sometimes moon in a dress,
Sometimes painted as a nude,
How excited we are!
Thanks God we are humans,
And not the angels,
Deprived of this love,
That is blended with pleasure.

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (6)

It's a thoughtful poem, we are forced to think.
Excellent poem. My words are very much limited to express the feelings of your poems. You are a great poet.
Akhtar Vai - The way the cruelty dominates all over, I doubt whether we are safe! ! ! As I said in one of my poems (Humanity is at stake) This earth is not safe anymore, Here human cannot stay.
A Very Poignant write. Wars, bloodshed, inhuman treatment to women and children, Still they claim they are fighting for ideal. What for and whom for all this going on? Touching poem indeed.
The brutality that follows every war is so condemnable! There is not merely death and bloodshed, but also inhuman and barbaric treatment of women and children......! But everything is justified as a sacred cause or an ideal namely Freedom and Democracy! Unfortunately everyone is silent including God! A powerful poem reflecting your moral indignation!
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