A Bridge Called Space

There once was a bridge called space
which spanned the lands of time and place;

below that bridge called space, flowed love
which joined the land of time
with the land of place;

as love flowed under
that bridge called space
that river flowed and joined and spread
plants grew, all species bred;

but as it fed and bred
its waters dried and left its bed
the bridge of space looked down below
at the missing flow, of love
and fell, crumbled back into the dust;

the land of place had no space
and time without a place
had nothing left to count
the universe of time, place and space
returned beyond to that which has no name
that from which it came.

by David Taylor

Comments (1)

So David nothing can exist without love. How much I truly agree with this short but very telling poem. Love is all - forever. Wishes for it for you. from Fay.