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A Brief And Precise
(17/05/1947 / Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India)

A Brief And Precise

“To be brief and precise”
What else can be the advice?
This may give room to rise
This maybe picked up by intelligent and wise

Human error can result in great tragedy
As life has already turned into comedy
We are on brink of disasters with no remedy
Many are loosing their lives but still not ready

What has made us so insensible to the reality?
Why do we not go for accurate decision with quality?
We have witnessed its uselessness with futility?
We remember for short time and press for continuity

The human tragedy is excused on the ground of error
Mere sympathy is shown for the consequences of terror
It doesn’t force us to change the mind till it strikes
We fled the scene on the available means like bikes

We need to sympathize for those who are in short
They are in desperate need of commodities at the port
They are starving due to negligence on our part
Many of them just pass away and rests wait to depart

No one shed tears for the deprived
No solution is immediately arrived
At every moment they are being connived
They languish but still survived

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