(04 October 1943 / Germany)

A Brief Friendship

For those who jump
when friendship beckons
and seal their pact in miniseconds
go from a grump
to being happy
they've learned that life
if it is crappy
brings only strife.

But wait, what if they do at first
cling to the warmth of status quo
in an insatiable thirst
they sit and watch the union grow.

Yet, humans being rather fickle
they'll take the tiniest excuse
a word, a gesture comes, to tickle
and plants the seed (the devil's ruse?)
which now creates a plant with leaves
developing into a huge
and monstrous climber, to the eaves
it looks convincingly like Scrooge.

No further sign is now required
the catchcry now is condemnation
a fleeting friendship has grown tired
all faith, a product of inflation.

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Comments (6)

Friendships are hard to come by. Sometime what you think is friendship tends to be just an aquintance (sp) . I know this all to well.
How interesting. However, having had quite a bit of experience in these matters from simple observation, I would suggest you r-read as we are so often deceiving ourselves. We read into things what we unconsciously want to see. In fact I have seen this to be the rule. Shallow friendships are a specialty of women, not men. It always pays to think, that way we don't read consonants and vowels that have never been printed. Don't you agree? H
Fleeting, superficial friendship for temporary void-filling: couldn't agree with you more, Herbert. In fact, a few days ago someone on-site who I'd grown extremely fond of gently asked me to let him go. A few days later the same person messaged me to ask if we were through for good! I found this gesture rather contradictory for reasons which I think should be clear. But I soon realised that he wasn't really interested in resuming friendship with me at all; his question was simply a means for him to pave the way to enquire about an unrelated matter. Quite naturally, then, having answered his burning enquiry, I haven't heard from him since then. Yep, this poem hits the nail on the head about such shallow friendships alright!
Very true, Herbert. A perceptive poem. I like it. Love, Fran xx
Thanks, Tara. Not really cynical at least not de novo. This was in response to reality here on P/H. Often, persons engage in new friendships because of some kind of a perceived need. They then become almost histrionic about it only to wait for the slightest sign that offers them a way out. Suddenly, they are free again. Best H
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