I hate your little games
The way you justify
You like to reason with yourself
You say it takes it time
So it’s easier for you to abandon the dreams you made
Well its coming out now
All this pressure, you had me caged
You like to point the finger
You like to place the blame
You live in your own world and it’s a shame
To dig your head out the ground now is gonna take your effort
So stop playing Mr. perfect
You’re twisted, you’re a twisted liar
I hate to say it, but one day you’ll see it to
that you can hide from everyone else,
But you can’t deny the truth
Yeah you can fool everyone you see
But you aint fooling me
So go ahead, you seem so in love
So made up, along with everything else you’re made of
Yeah boy as far as im concerned your fake, your nothing but
A twisted poser, who’s really comfortable with lying
so go ahead and smile now, smile
cause in the end you’ll be the only one crying

by christy harris

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So simple but heart touching
This poem revels many secret of life.
Best perception of grief.
.......so heartbreaking to discover one does not love thee ★
The poets revolt is against the insensitivity of the lady in question and her lack of compassion for another human being.
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