A Broken Doll

When someone broke my heart,
One never knew one was sitting in my heart,
I am not picking broken pieces of my heart,
I am picking pieces of someone,
Shall I succeed in joining the pieces,
I think I shall,
But the spots of the joints,
Will make the doll ugly,
And the doll would not like to see herself,
In a mirror any more.

(Being misbehaved by my sweetest child)

by Akhtar Jawad

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Powerful written and heart moving! .. Thank you for sharing! .. Ever so many 10S! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ......................+++++
This is an elegant piece of poetry with tender poetic expression! My great pleasure revisiting this lovely poem!
Revisiting this wonderful poem. A meaningful well crafted write.
I have to revisit this profound poem to add this to my favorite poem list...
A beautifully expressed pain, very revealing line in parenthesis.
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