A Broken Down Girl.

Why don't you notice me?
Sure we are friends but,
you don't really notice me.
Please notice me.

Why don't you listen to me?
We talk all the time but,
your not really listening.
Please listen to me.

Why don't you see me?
I see you everyday, but
your looking right past me.
Please stop and see me.

Why don't you love me,
like that way i love you?
It hurts me to pretend im fine
with the way you treat me.
Please stop hurting me.

I hope someday you realize
that im standing right in front of
you.I hope you realize that i'm
the one who should be more
than one of your friends.

by Stephanie Davis

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that aching pain of unrequited love spans the ages.... nicely written smiffy
brilliant words, thanks. topmarks from me