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A Broken Dream
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

A Broken Dream

Someone take away all that he's has left behind.
Take the anger, take the fear oh but please just take my tears.
He has gone.
Gone to I know not were.
To be alone to live again.
Does he worry if I shall be alright?
No I doubt it, because he left without a reason why.
What have I done, this is the question.
Did I not love to much, and to little.
Or did I love to much & he so little.
I shall plague muself with questions.
And always be in doubt. That the real reason he left was because I was nieve and he smart enough to get out.
Oh, but how can one so charming have a heart so cruel?
And lips that say such sweet words and a mouth that knows just what to do.
I think I have loved him from my dream,
And tried to believe that it was he, who would walk through my door.
Love me until time was no more.
And I would know no worries, fears or tears.
Life has a strange out come I don't know one such as I will ever master.
To love life is to guess at life and to try and guess at life is to waste a life.

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