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A Broken Family
TRW (In may / Maine)

A Broken Family

She has brown hair with a little wave
She can always be found hanging with the boys
playing in the mud wearing her blue jeans

Her family of five
A girl, Her two brothers, Her mom and her dad
Doesn't sound that bad
but she hurts because she lost it all

She lost her two brothers, her mom and dad
Her older brother was last seen three years ago
He was last known to be in Juvie
She doesn’t miss him like she should.
He hit her and she can't forgive him
he’s seventeen and she’s fourteen
She thinks about him and wonders if he regrets what he did

She lost the one she loves the most
he’s eleven and Adopted
he’s her baby brother
acting as if she were his mother
she was forced to
She wanted to protect him from the world
and all the hurt
That could be brought upon him
But she failed
oh what a sad little girl

The sad little girl
feels alone
She hides her pain with anger
and behind the smile that's tattooed on her face
She feels alone and has no hope
That the future will bring happiness instead of pain

She screws up her relationships and sets herself up for failure
She finds everything wrong with people
so she can run and hide
so she doesn't get hurt

This sad little girl
grew up way to fast
knew things that she shouldn't as well as she she does
and she hurts because she lost it all

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Comments (2)

Great poem, thanks
Your words echo with authenticity. I'm glad I got to read this.