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A Broken Heart
SG ( / cyprus)

A Broken Heart

Comes too late to conquer my ambitions
Comes too late to stage my play
All that I've written is lost and gone
My memory is at a distance
Is all that I've forgotten
Maybe I did commit too many sins
That's why My life is near a bin
A broken heart is all I've been given
How much more
Can one take!
Maybe this is the life
I have been made for
Well I give no thanks!
I just can't take anymore!

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A well crafted and poignant write! 10+++ Keep it up, you got what it takes to make it through the Poetry's World, talent! I hope you have the time to read my poem also titled: A BROKEN HEART and enjoy it! Love and Peace for always! ...
A broken heart is very near and dear to God. Best Wishes. Naseer
You can see you're pain in this poem, well written!
This is a filled with alot of sadness, however a broken heart sometimes is one of Gods worst emotional roller coaster rides, we most, indure... Remember life will go on and somehow, someway try to develope a positive in your soal, it is painfull, but things happen for a reason, sometimes the worst of reasons, and always we may never know the answer immediatly, but as life travels us through many roads, one day, it will hit you as to why this happened.... Remember too, no one can take your memories even if they are from a broken heart.... Sweet write and enjoyed this much.. Bonnie
very heart touching poem, which goes deep down to heart to those who have broken hearts. This must be from personal experience, i just guess. Best
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