A Broken Heart

Poem By Osama Aldeyasty

A broken heart has the deepest feeling.
A sad eye has the sweetest tears.
A lost ship has the fastest sailing.
A loser's life has the bravest fears.

A lost love could bring a new friend,
The darkest night has the brightest moon.
A bad start could lead a better end,
The saltiest water makes a pure lagoon.

Strange words I'm saying to you,
But trust your heart and start your way.
Say and do to make it true:
Life is beautiful, sad and gay.

So lag no leg young lonely lad,
Find a heart and start your way.
Lonely nights can drive you mad,
So love to live and then you may;

Sit down there next to them,
Having a family round your chair.
Feeling your heart safe and calm,
Feeling home deep down there.

Then you'll know my dear lonely sailor
Before you die, before your fall:
A broken heart has the deepest feeling,
A loving heart has the best of all.


With love to every lonely broken heart:
Life begins when we begin and stops when we stop.

Copyright ©2003

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