A Broken Heart

Where the ends of life meet
A boundary is broken
Overstepped and outreached
When another creed has spoken...

This is the end for me and you
And that's why it is truly
A new beginning for me
When a sad separation
Is meant to be for both of us!

Have there ever been doubts?
I cannot remember
Anything saved that night
Some years ago since
I met you for the first time!

All that you offered me,
Disguised as happiness
Has been my disbelief
That I should be so blessed...

But still you are asking
That I stay by your side
And so entirely,
When you broke my heart
And tarnished my pride!

New York City

by Romeo Della Valle

Comments (40)

End we feel is not the end... its just the begining... very nice thought! ! !
when one thing ends something else is about to begin dear friend. look to the future. lovely
This poem is very heart warming.
Delightful read, Romeo. You are here actiing like the real Romeo, in love and hurt and still willing to love.
Romeo, this so beautifully written and your words had the power to make me feel your pain.
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