A Broken Heart

Poem By Kev Elmer

Many parts to my broken heart,
from the day when it fell apart.
My whole world came crashing down,
but its fell with out a sound.

All the love that you stole,
left me standing in a hole,
from the day my world fell apart,
I'm standing here with a broken heart.

A second that passes feels like an hour,
all my emotions have turned sour,
feeling all hollow and left alone,
my heart has turned to solid stone.

A broken heart was the death of me,
its now so simple to see,
isnt it better to atleast fall,
than to never of loved at all?

Comments about A Broken Heart

Well written... Another painful experience I guess...
Another beautifully expressed poem! CJ.xx.
Most excellent structure and wonderful presentation, even if it is a sad topic!

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4,8 out of 5
3 total ratings

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