A Broken Heart

A heart has just been broken,
but it's hidden from our view,
yet someone's left with hurt and pain,
not knowing what to do.

It's impossible to see the damage that's
been done for someone played with emotions,
and to them they were having fun.
but playing with emotions is a very dangerous
game, for once a heart is broken it will never
be the same.

There are those of us that go thru life,
and never stop to look that scatter broken
hearts like torn pages from a book.
but fate will take it's toll on these villains of disdain,
and for sure some day, some how, they'll
experience the pain.

And it's at this point in time, as they stop to look around,
the emptiness surrounds them and the heartaches will
abound, and they'll cry our from the hurt, as they feel
the searing pain, for now their heart's been broken,
and they'll never be the same.

by Paul Francis Hartnett

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