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A Broken Heart

A Broken Heart

Poem By Ahmed Da Lost Nomad

A broken heart
Is it worth the hassle
Love is not fair
Nor does it care
For hearts it breaks
And souls it destroys
I always vowed
To never open my heart
Oppress emotions and feelings
Rite from the start
Then came you
Into my life
Full of my promise
Wanting to be my wife
Your sweet smile
Posture with grace
Character so caring/daring
Oh what a pretty face
Yet deep down
My conscious never let me
Curiosity unsettled my mind
To accept you completely
You said you loved me
Unconditionally, when in truth
You had doubts daily
My feelings I continued to portray
But by the minute
You drifted further away
I became unsure
As confused as hell
And thus could take it no more
My decision was long overdue
That the ending was on cue
The sky (never) is not always blue
Happiness will prevail
No matter what I said to do
So I now wonder
A broken heart
Was it worth the trouble

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