A Broken Heart

You broke my heart into a million pieces
With a blunt pick axe that never ceases
Like a stuck record jumps it’s groove
To repeat the blow to somehow prove

by Gerard Heathcote Click to read full poem

Comments (10)

lovely poem- beautiful in it own way. Keep writing :)
The rhythm of this piece is not there and as a result I cannot recommend it. There is a problem with the last two lines in terms of rhyme as well. The pattern and scheme of the poem is correct but is simply hard to read. GW62
I am sure you will 'love another', but in the meantime you are at your creative pique. The side effect of heartbreak is poetry, and this one pulls on the heartstrings. S :)
This is a very good read. It has a lot of depth. Thank you for sharing it. Sue
I like it! ! ! Makes me want to read more of your poems. Wow! that had passion in it! I loved it! Romantic! I know I sound really wierd like i'm not making any sense but in my head it makes sense. sorry if it doesn't to you! Can you read my poems?
really good! ! sometime we think that after having someone braking our heart we can't give it to no else cause we are afraid but love comes and steals our heart and soul as well..
very real - gutsy poem
i love it soo much...soooo sad and painfull for that person
Will I ever love another? i love this line.........people with perplexed heart always end up asking this......ey! ......thumbs up for this poem...i love it ger.........tc...catty
seems hopeless gerard! pls dont! ...... keep working on piece like this =)