A Broken Heart Changes Everything

I watch myself crumble
I run but I stumble,
I fall on the ground and I see blood,
I cant run away, I'm caught in the flood.

My tears drown me deep
I look back at the bridge I tried to leap,
I fall down again and cry
This is not how I want to die.

I see the blood trickle down my arm
My heart can't handle this much harm
The blood continues to flow so fast
This is a flood that seems to last

I want to get up once again. I want to be free,
I can barely stand up, Im brought to my knees.
Broken and shattered, I fall down on the floor,
All this pain and sorrow is behind a closed door.

I try to scream but no one can hear,
My eyes are blurry, but everything's so clear.
I grip the floor with my hand,
All this pain over a man.

My God is this how I'm going to die?
I try remain strong, I try not to cry.
I lay down on my back and close my eyes,
Ready for God to take me up to the skies.

In that moment, my heart died
Though my soul is still alive
Everyone tells me I'm finally free
They don't know I'm no longer me.

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Langston Hughes


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