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A Broken Heart Speaks Love
(09/1965 / Australia)

A Broken Heart Speaks Love

A broken heart speaks love in every shattered shard,
but the pieces of my heart speak out to you,
the darkness tries to invade and veil my love,
but the light of love keeps glowing hard

I become the candle who melts, becoming slack
thousands of beautiful faces, very few beautiful hearts,
diamonds that look so beautiful and shiny,
but truly, in truth, they are black

life though looks fancy but it is nothing but a ticking clock,
faces do wither with time but not love,
because love is an eternal magic that time can never reveal,
when my heart is mended, I'll let you know in a knock

even then you still want to tear it in two,
please tell me in words that speak so slow,
and because your hands may get hurt,
I'll do it for you..

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Comments (8)

Just Beautiful My heart feels the pain Bravo
Really enjoyed reading this, well written thanks for sharing
I also love darkness and melancholy. I can relate to this in so many levels. This is beautiful.
WOW, A very deeply hurt hearts, persistent waiting for the love that has deserted, yet whiting to accept her even if it means another disaster. Very good writ, thanks for sharing.
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