World Created Silently

Wandering down pathways, listening to intense rhythms
and writing from a deep passion held within.

Taking landscapes, people's expressions, gestures,
and opinions to task.

Finding places and spaces in which to fit them in, while
locating definitions, meanings and words to explain.

Intellect always doing it's job and purpose well, as I
continually write into an inner world.

One that I have created silently and totally on my own
since I was a little child.

Learning to write when only four years old, reading so
voraciously since then also.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (23)

Broken heart explains its state of affairs. Beautiful poem.
A broken heart within me knows, What loneliness is... When it is left to linger, And slowly grows to wither in wishes! experience of loneliness is very painful. it breaks the heart....... loss of wishes and despair rules the heart.. painfullll. very nice poem full of living emotions. tony
Full of feelings and loaded with lonliness. Well done my friend!
The loneliness within is the poet's chief source of Muse. You have fully exploited this facility. Thanks for this orgasmic write.
It kills me to read this because it feels as if what my heart felt has been written out by someone I barely even know.
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