CM (1/30/82 / baton rouge louisiana)

A Broken Man Dream

Into piece's I find this life I have Live.
Under bridges and highways I travel.
Older than streets and roads they have
built over my tears.
Weaken by so much energy I have used.
I refuse to try again knowing I will lose.
All though wanting these words I believe in to take form.
Though I am born without a silver spoon.
I still had saw the light of my future.
Hoping it would grow from being lost, lonely, and torn.
Thier have only been tears over these years.
Trials of my faith I leave today unbalance.
Only a family, only a family, only a family.
Poor I struggle hard to reach that open thought.
Fallen short everytime I realize this is life.
Someone care but where I haven't seen
anyone stop and help to save.
A broken man dream.

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