A Broken Mirror

Our love was destined to fail,
I tried to save it without avail,
For between us, you built a fence,
Leaving me weak without any defense...

You turned my heart into a fortress
Inhabited by a soul sad and hopeless
But time has done the healing,
Making me self-confident with new feelings...

In the Mighty One above,
I found fortitude, peace and love...
I got the courage to bury my past
And forgetting a love I failed to cast...

Clearly, you became a loser and sinner
While I became stronger and a winner...
Now, I stand on a solid ground,
Hoping for a real love to be found...

©All Rights Reserved-2012

by Romeo Della Valle

Comments (11)

A lovely poem with with emotions & heart break but with a message that true love makes a person more and more strong... loved it
Now, I stand on a solid ground, hoping for a real love to be found. Looing toward the future.
Powerful, thoughtful writing, great write.
i can see your words , your poem made me think of my first date, , , , , it did not go well...10
I must say, this masterpiece left me speechless. So beautiful, and out of mind thinking.
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