(7 June 1917 – 3 December 2000 / Topeka, Kansas)

I Need To Feel

I need to feel
break out of this skin
the skin of a stranger
I don't know my own reflection
I used to know it
every crack and crevice
all the bumps and bruises
I knew them like I should
I knew me
what happened
now and then
such a short span
so much damage
it ruined me
threw me out to sea
where I was torn and tossed
so many broken pieces
never to be reassembled in the same manner
they created this foreign skin in which I now reside
I'm suffocating in it
I need to scream
let everything that has manifested its self in me
escape in a moment
I need relief from this
this confusion
I need to feel

by Zena Blank

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Being a female from Mississippi, this brings shame to my soul, even tho the events are of old, it tears my soul, more harsh than any Mississippi Cotton Field or Muddy Waters running through my veins, what was the gain? , because there will be many Obama's again.
Gwendolyn Brooks wrote this poem before writing 'The Last Quatrain of the Ballad of Emmett Till'. She was a writer who didn't need to state the obvious but proved her point metaphorically and through the use of careful detail. This poem gives a different perspective on Carolyn Bryant as a mother. It alludes to the South's idea of placing white women on a pedastal, considering Black men (or boys, in Till's case) to be lustful after the females, sexually aroused. However, many times this was not so and many lynchings were blamed on 'rape' (which could be as little as brushing against a white woman) . Brooks shows this through the poem mentioning the stereotype of the 'great white knight coming to rescue'. This is ridiculous of course, since Till was an innocent child. The memory haunts Carolyn Bryant in the poem, the horror of it all.It is a very well-written poem. However, I doubt the Bryant feels any remorse to this day.
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