A Brook

Hear water breaking in a brook
Over rocks that are timeless with age -
A sound near as old as the earth itself
With a meaning beyond any sage.

by Mike Barrett Click to read full poem

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I was led to this lovely poem by your comments on Valsa's By the side of a brook I am well rewarded, Thank you
Hi Kanav, thanks for your kind words - much appreciated. As a kid growing up in New Brunswick, we had a country place where a nearby brook flowed into the Hammond river. It was a very picturesque setting with falls, rapids, crystalline water - a great spot of natural beauty - hence this poem. Cheers!
this poem flows like a river too, , , loved this poem, , ,
When you were in 10 th grade, you wrote a poem on a brook. After many many years, at the age of 57, I wrote a poem on a brook. Both are similar in many ways! I invite you to read my poem By the Side of a Brook! Watching clear running waters and listening to the sound of a brook is a joy! Enjoyed your beautiful write! !
Lucid presentation......................beautifully worded, Sir! ............loved it
Really nice! ! ! Simple language creat an imaginary world.