A Brown Girl Dead

With two white roses on her breasts,
White candles at head and feet,
Dark Madonna of the grave she rests;
Lord Death has found her sweet.

Her mother pawned her wedding ring
To lay her out in white;
She'd be so proud she'd dance and sing
to see herself tonight.

by Countee Cullen

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Amazing and enviable that CC could evoke such intense emotion in the reader via such a short poem
This is the reason I continue to thrive in my poetry, one day I'd like to this great!
It is more than beauty the sense of my dancing facing me alone. Only death could offer us such opportunity. Poet has oriented the beauty with unique sophistication simply with the objects two flowers and candle. Can't I felt while reading the dead is naked with every skin and flesh. It's classic art of representation, perhaps.
Incredibly sad this - but also incredibly touching.
Through this small but sweet poem the poet has paid rich tributes to a poor girl who died very young. The emotion scene before she is laid to rest is extremely moving.
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