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A Brush With England

A Brush With England

There is something
Electrifyingly alive
A spirit of great
Imaginative power
An atmosphere imbued
With history and energy
A bridge that links
The past to the present
Encompassing almost
A thousand years
All this comes alive
In the streets,
In the shopping malls,
In the art galleries,
In the museums,
In the churches
In the castles and
Most of all
In the deep country

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Comments (3)

Verily… those churches especially were built with an eye towards beauty, and pleasing God.
I am more acquainted with these monumental buildings, galleries, abbeys, churchyards than in my own country for they are engraved in the immortal works of the great poets.....liked it as i can relate all....
A fine tribute to a country that has been inspiring the pens of talented poets for hundreds of years. Excellent, Leonard. Always your friend at poemhunter, Sandra