A Bubble

I am a fresh blown bubble,
Just born with lots of care.
I'm undecided if I'll burst
Or fly into the air.

I'm yellow, blue, some red and green
Six inches is my size.
I hover round the patio
But the sky is still my prize.

I've almost hit a garden chair,
I've just skimmed past a fence.
I've cleared some hedges and a shed,
I wobble as I dance.

And now I'm soaring, Oh! so high,
I never will come down.
I've cleared the eaves of houses
And I'm heading into town!

Goodbye young child way down below,
The world now lies in store.
But a cheeky bird just pecked at me
And now I am no more!

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by Joe Hughes

Comments (16)

Gorgeous! Kids would love this too!
Your poems are very appealing and you do a nice job of building simple visuals into large themes. Your rhyme scheme and meter make me envision and beautiful children's book about bubbles that the parents can also enjoy. Nice writing style. Great writing and fun reading. Thanks.
Thanks, for reminding us how delightful some of the simple things in life are!
Bringing a bubble to life, if short in length! Wonderfully done!
A very lyrical bubble. And now I'm soaring.
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