A Bucket Full Of Slang

Poured a bucket full of slang,
For the silly drop that he spilt,
O Virtuous Soul! Thou art splashed,
Into the face of humanity;
Is poverty a mock drill?
Is troll to remove the poverty; greed gilt?

The greatest folly that nations keep,
Both can't go together on peace march,
-The development and poverty,

Poverty is a stain on the peace,
The attire of humanity,
This is the development,
Whole world is gifted,

If peace proliferates on this earth-
Then who the hell will sell,
The Arms and Ammunition..

We must kill the under table talk..
For truth all must walk, cease not walk

by Aftab Alam

Comments (1)

Yes, I agree with you word by word. If there is peace on earth, there is no need of arms and ammunition. If it so happens, the powerful countries will suffer the most. Who will purchase their armament then?