RR (13-7-31 see reverse / Chennai born, now at Juhu, Mumbai, India)

╧ ╤ ╧ Moon, Sun, Sky, Earth, ╧ ╤ ╧

Chand ki Chandani Badi Suhani Lagti Hain
Har Kastiyon ki Kahani Lagti Hain
Aasmaan uchaiyon se Sandesh Deta hain
Tum Bhi Prem Rakho Apne Dil Ki Geharaiyo Mein
Dharti Dheeraj se kAhti hai Na badlo kIsi Ke badalne Pe
Ye waqt Hi Badal Dega tumhe Kisi Kadam Pe
Dishaye kahti hai saath nibhana har Pag pag pe sabka
Sahare humre lena hai to Saath Nibhana sabka
Hawaye Kahti hai Gungunate Rehana hai
Ye Bandhan Hai Do pal ka Fir tut ke Bikhar Jana hai
Sagar Kahta hai leharo se Bhi ucha Pyaar Jatana hai
Koi Himmat naa Hare Har pal Saath Nibhana hai

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Created by Ritu Rai

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Edgar Allan Poe

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The problem with us is that the parental love is not unconditional. Every parent has the right to plan the life of his children but has no right to take away their life just for one's whims and fancies. I have often thought about another problem that our children face in the hands of their parents. When parents commit suicide they also force their children into the grave-yard. If these children knew what was happening to them, would they surrender themselves to the whims and fancies of their parents in a willing manner? Are our children simply toys in the hands of their parents? Out of the parents' pleasure, children are born and out of their rage, they get exterminated. This is indeed a cornering situation for our children. Something must be done. I appreciate your concern.
wonderfully narration and sensitively introspection.
The day’s newspaper shook my heart. I can only shed a tear on my part. A heartless father shot his daughter. It was like an animal slaughter. it is heartless message from father.what did he get out of it? ? ? ? ? father should be towering strength for children....10 read mine papa do u know and papa you tooi
Dear Sir, as i read your poems one by one, slowly i am falling in love with you.
touching poem. yet another masterpiece!
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