(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

A Buffalo Sighting

I saw a Buffalo one day
An animal that is so immense
I was walkin’ along the road
And suddenly I grew extremely tense

I thought I’d keep on walkin’
Perhaps he wouldn’t even see
If I was on the other side of the road
Maybe he wouldn’t notice me

I slowly crossed the road
But the closer he became
I thought of many escapes
But they all were pretty lame

Then he stopped completely still
I froze right where I stood
He slowly turned his massive head
And then I understood

Here came another Buffalo
Who obviously was a lady
Walking kind of anxiously
And by her side was a baby

He started then toward them
And much to my surprise
He greeted them so lovingly
Right before my eyes!

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Comments (8)

Firstly thanks Marilyn, this is a poem for an animalist enjoyed your encounter seeing this beautiful sight great poem...my wife and I had a trip on an air/con bus to the red centre of Australia then I had a similar sighting with a Camel and a Donkey which I wrote a poem about that encounter..cheers and regards
truly superb poetry......
I love this. The human race can learn a lot from animals.
Great write, artistry mingled with sense of humour. CP
nice one i love it it has a wonderful resonance to it
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