TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)

A Buffoon

He walks with more than one
shadow lingering behind him.
He looks around anxiously
with eyes that are set on
finding his next victim.
He carries a briefcase full
of notes that boast his ego.
He stops to look at you
only if you have done
something wrong.
His words are judgmental
and quite unfair.
He knows nothing of fairness
or level-headedness.
He is a terror and will
not acknowledge his own demise.
He is a manager, a tyrant, and a buffoon.

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Comments (4)

sounds like a member of our current regime
wow that is a really good poem i'm lovin dat now that's a rinshot hey can you dig it
This poem is destined to become a classic! We all have had to deal with Buffoons! Excellent poem, Cokbod! A ten.
There are many unkind men! ! Will we find a leader some day who belives in love and mercy? Cokbod, you always write well! !