A Bunch Of Daffodils....

This is a daffodil:
To someone who -
Is the source of all knowledge and amaze.
To someone who
Brings jocoundness on my wrathful face.
To someone from whom
Has anything ever escaped?
To someone who
Is omnipresent as almighty lord.
To someone who
In my heart has a permanent abode.
To someone who
Modified my skills of thinking.
To someone who
Eloquent me idyllic art of living.
To someone who
Is the master mirror mine of mine, never hesitated
To let me know my short comings.
To someone for whom
My small success is a fountain feast.
To someone who
Is more than a banyan wood.
Thus, overtaking tempests and greeting good.
To someone who
Is like very fertile soil,
Escaping all the pains,
And grows knowledgeable grains,
And sings moralful strains.
To someone who
Is rememebered by my tiny churlish soul,
Which is not as black as coal.
To someone whom
I can never ever forget
Till my last blood and breath.

Here's a bunch of daffodils for teacher thee:
Who in my heart with pleasure fills,
And it flutters and floats with these daffodils.....

by Eshan Gupta

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