Shiva's Quandary

in far away Orion
amidst its imploding super nova
the cosmic hunter
with his sagacious third eye
ponders over
the fate of three demons
terrorizing our universe

the lord's compassion
is the demons' amulet,
as the scales of justice
tip away
from dharma
seeding their destruction

to open
or not to open
his lethal third eye:
the question,

to annihilate
them or not:
his quandary

© 2018

by Govind Ramakrishnan

Comments (9)

This is a bit funny and I do recommend it. I also liked the references repeated throughout. This is very good style. Well written. Nice to past the time. GW62
Who are you trying to kid, Sylvie? This is you - Speedy Gonzales - at your most normal. If it wasn't for your foot holding you back you'd be doing all this every day! Love the poem, as usual. Love, Fran xxx
a real love stry of life a mum]I love life but does life love me
Well, i'm not sure about roses, but you sound like a flower in bloom to me Thankyou for sharing this one Sis! It's so true of you ever-busy ladies, 'Two shouting loud the youngest crying, can't see whats a matter the eggs are frying...LOL! Take care, Love duncan X
I will send you a dozen from myself, all my children and grandchildren, Ava Rosie...and all of us..because your family sounds just like mine. Bring in the dog, Put out the cat, No time to sit, No time to chat! The children need (want?) this, The husband needs (wants?) that, No time for me? So what? ? ? Great, funny work here, my dearest Cockney Rose! Loved it!
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