JA (11/30/87 / Oklahoma)

A Burden To Big For One To Carry

Some burdens are to big to carry by ones self
and in turn we might ask for help
and hope it is delt
to us in our favor.
But no matter how much I try
I can't help but sigh under the weight of my growing burden
so as the curtain might close I try not to bury my nose
in the dirt at my feet.
as the heat grows
I begin to wobble to and frow
until the burden become to much
so much that I make such a rut
that the cut in my side now grows.
It soon becomes known
that my bones
are to be crushed by the weight.
but as I await my fate I feel my burden lighten.

I look up to see that I am free
of my troublesome burden.
a living angel with bright blue eye's smiles at me
helping me see that everything will be ok.
what this goes to show is everyone knows there
is someone out there waiting to help you
so don't be a fool
and become the tool
of your own stupid and foolish ways.

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