Suicide Hotline

I'm thinking of killing myself
and just want to tell someone
my parents never listen
never let me have any fun

I don't have any friends
the kids at school pick on me
with all their little cliques
calling me fat and ugly


yes, yes I understand
it's a story that's often told
can you stay on the line
I need to put you on hold

I'm sorry but I just have to
there's a call I need to answer
a ten year old wants to die
he's been diagnosed with cancer

then there's a woman
who wants to end it all
her ex boyfriend raped her
then broke her jaw

next, I have a couple
who had a son die in Iraq
they no longer want to live
since he's not coming back

oh and did I forget to mention
the others at the end of their rope
seems like the whole world is calling
even, faith, love and hope

by jay morris

Comments (18)

Inspiring _ intense in its brevity yet light hearted and fun, love it.💕💕
I have read that this is about a political rivalry between her father and another politician- both of them who appear to have acted as ridiculously as politicians do today
What an insightful woman Emily Dickinson was for the era she lived in. Her poetry is right on target. Such fun to read.
Superb! We all are bound by our own swabhava.
A Bog—affronts my shoe— What else have Bogs—to do— The only Trade they know— The splashing Men! Ah, pity—then! .........startling expression. Beautiful poem.
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