The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse 4 Death

I am Death!
Your nemesis.
I shall kiss
Each and every one of you!
You think you know me
I know you fear me.
I am the sweeper
The keeper of your time!
My brothers come before me
They'll take your world apart.
They decide your ending
They bring another start.
We gave you all the choices
To protect this blessed land.
And what you did was rape it
Turning verdant into sand.
Well, I reaped your Adams
I collected Eve.
And I shall reap all your poor souls
Now, will you believe?
Listen for the beating wings
The black crows that I send.
Then understand, you mortals
The message, I portend.
For this, I now can tell you
For you, it is too late
I am here to reap your souls
And seal your final fate!
And when you've departed
We shall start anew
The beasts and birds and fishes
Replacing each of you!

by Owain Glyn

Comments (5)

The subject of the finality of life in the ship wreck and by shoot of enemy is nice subject and there may more meanings to the poem which an ordinary mind cannot comprehend and the poem is very nice to read in its essence of life.
.......those are two tough vividly written with awesome imagery
I love this poem! There is a interesting rhyme scheme and imagery to his poem, as well as good use of words: D
nice bro i love it! real nice idea and imagery
Great poem! If John Donne were to be looking down from Heaven... He'd see for sure he'd be always rating much higher than a mere numbered as seven. His llines and stanzas greet niucely to mere mortal eyes... As he stares down from white billowing cloudy skies. A smile might to enlarge to this past lifely face... He should do well to be proud and not ever to partake in unheavenly disgrace. His poems will greatly add to Poemhunters site as one of the top poets five hundred'th in place... For he'll probably remain on that list and never ending from that space. Back in the day of his long ago written days... He probably most likely had no idea that his slot here would eternally be forever more and never to be gone to a passage to erase. Who was this poet so long ago? ... Real talented for his well written show? Olden time poets seem to reign supreme... Well aft' their earth held days had they dared to dream. Yes, he must have been very gallant... For he had so much of a rarest talent.