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1950's Wife

He loves his 1950’s wife,
She knows her place,
Gives him no strive.
Cooks and cleans every day.
Keeps his life in just the way
That she ought.
Gives him utmost thought.
He couldn’t ask for any more,
She is the one that he adores.
Friends they envy
A perfect home,
He never has reasons to moan
Or wish for better than he has…
because he doesn’t know,
That inside,
Resentment grows.
Laying in their bed at night
She harbours wistful thoughts of flight,
That are quashed at mornings dawn,
There must be more than these four walls.
So every day she gives her all,
To be fondly loved as the perfect wife.
Do whats right.
But she could love herself,
If she had a life.

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Nice and a touch of humor always works
Fantastic! LOL! I find all higher truths are hidden in paradox!