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A Bus-Driver And A Preacher

A bus-driver and a preacher died at the same time.
The driver went to heaven where God's glory shines.
The preacher went to hell of fire,
a place reigned by terror of Satan Lucifer.
The preacher complained that it was unfair.

God said when you preached
everybody started to sleep,
with a loud snore,
as it was so bored.

When the driver started to drive,
he snaked on the road as he liked.
He drove over-speed,
road-signs he never heeded.
The bus swayed right and left,
as if chased by death.
He ran the red light at crossing,
shouting, swearing and yelling,
in an obscene language,
in a road rage,
making all passengers,
say the prayers,
to escape the accident,
by a hair breadth.

To heaven or hell
it is so paradoxical.

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Comments (2)

Nice and a touch of humor always works
Fantastic! LOL! I find all higher truths are hidden in paradox!