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A Bus Driver And The Passengers

Scene I
A bus driver noticed the failure of brake.
He asked all 31 passengers to get out in a haste.
Then he tried to drive to a parking lot,
but the bus ran down the slope and couldn't be stopped.
It fell to the ground from a 30-meter-height,
crushing the driver to end his life.

Scene II
A bus was running on the High Way.
From left to right, right to left it swayed.
The driver suffered from acute chest pain,
which made him difficult to keep on the right lane.
But he managed the bus to a complete stop,
so that a terrible accident was made to abort.

Scene III
A bus was snaking on Express Way at high speed,
because a blood vessel in driver's brain bursted to bleed.
As he was dizzy and started to reel,
he couldn't control the steering wheel.
A passenger grabbed the wheel to take control,
saving all passengers on board by an act...so bold.

Scene IV
A bus driver was angry
with a young and strong man sitting comfortably,
at the seat of priority
for the old, the toddler, the pregnant and the disability.
He asked the young man to vacate the seat,
then the argument between them started to a great heat.
All the passengers gave the young man an angry look,
shame and embarrassment were all he took.

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U win kyi well done hey