Was out checking the cows
This morning and stopped
To watch "floppy",
The cow
With ears
That seem to be hinged
Different from the others.

She was lying down
Doing what cows do most
When not grazing or sleeping,
That is, chewing her cud.

The other cows
In the area
When they discovered
I had nothing to offer,
Wandered off, leaving
Floppy by her self.

Finally sensing that she was alone
(I didn't count obviously.)
She rose in the particular way
That cows do.

Because they have to get
The barrel of a stomach
Off the ground,
They use a swinging motion.

Shifting weight to the front
And then to the back
Then to the front again and
Raising their butt up in the air,
Again swinging their weight
From front to rear,
A lever in motion
To get the front end up.

With weight now
Distributed on all four legs,
The cow usually stretches,
Arching the back and
All is well.

Seems there was
A fence post
Just in floppy's reach
So why not scratch.

Ah, feels so good.

Then, floppy did something unusual.
Decided to see
If the top of the fence post
Would fit in her right ear.

Didn't quite fit
But she tried,
Maybe her standing position
Was wrong.

Shuffled her feet
And tried again.
No luck the top of the post
Was just too big.

She contemplated
The top of the post.

Maybe if she licked it,
Got it good
And wet with saliva,
It would fit.


Well maybe it's the ear
Not the post,
So she tried the left ear.
Still no luck.

Finding herself all alone,
She wandered off to
Gain the rest of her group.
Leaving me to wonder,

"Did she do this for my amusement? "


by Sidi J. Mahtrow

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